Our hassle-free recruitment service enables you to get back to business while we search for the right people to fit into your organisation...

We put forward only genuine candidates for interview
We won’t waste your time. Our selection process is more thorough than most - only candidates with the right skills, experience and attitude will be put forward for interview, and that’s a promise. 

Most of our business comes through referral, so we want you to be happy with every aspect of our service.  That means we go the extra mile to recruit the best staff for you in a professional and friendly manner, offering unbeatable value for money.
Recruiting good staff is never easy. 

It’s time-consuming to place adverts, sift CVs, arrange interviews, and then there’s the difficulty in assessing a candidate’s suitability for the role.

That’s where we come in.

Our aim is to make the recruitment process as straight-forward as possible. That means you tell us about the sort of person you want to recruit, and we get busy finding them.

Stage 1 – Understand Your Requirements

The process normally begins with an in-depth discussion about the sort of person you want to recruit.  We’ll look at the job description to define what skills and experience the candidates will need to have.  Perhaps they need to be good with Excel or PowerPoint, or have experience in organising meetings and hospitality, for example.
We’ll then define the personal attributes the new recruit will need to have – good organisational skills, for example, or the ability to work as part of a team.

Stage 2 – Advertising

We advertise jobs on all the major relevant recruitment websites.  We’ll put together your advert and ensure it gets seen as widely as possible to attract the best candidates.

Stage 3 – CV sifting & initial interview

We’ll sift through CVs to short-list only the candidates that meet the criteria we’ve agreed in Stage 1.  We’ll invite a selection of people for an initial interview at our offices.

At this stage we will also:

  • Confirm their eligibility to work in the UK
  • Validate the candidate’s ID with signed and dated photos (we retain copies)
  • Complete a medical questionnaire
  • Obtain references from 2 previous employers (including current or most recent)
  • Undertake relevant skills testing, verify qualifications and seek disclosure of unspent convictions
  • Explore and validate experience in office-based systems and computer skills
Only if we think the candidate will suit your business will we send them to you for interview.

Stage 4 – Interview

We will arrange for you to interview the best candidates from our selection process.  This means you’ll only meet people who have the skills and attitude that match your organisation’s needs. Unlike some recruitment agencies who target their staff to achieve a particular number of interviews per vacancy, we won’t waste your time with unsuitable candidates.

Stage 5 – Job offer

Once you’ve chosen the best candidate for the job, we’ll manage the process of making a job offer and arranging a start date.

Our tried-and-trusted approach will make the process of recruitment as efficient and effective as possible.